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Things you should know:
We don't keep logs. Internet Protocol addresses are not recorded in any way.
Random IP addresses are inserted into the peer list.
We do not have any file content, we are not a bittorrent site, we don't have any torrent files.
You cannot upload or download anything from here.
The tracker solely responds via UDP. Any client MUST support at least BEP:15. Any client SHOULD respect BEP:34.
The tracker does not allow for the blacklisting (or whitelisting) of hashes.
We do not know what is being tracked. Do not ask us, ask the tracker.
We do not host any data associated with the tracker, so do not send any DMCA notice.
If you would like to stop some data from being tracked, send a DMCA notice to the domain hosting the .torrent file. We don't host .torrent files.
If the tracker is broken, it will be fixed eventually. We don't make service level promises.

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